My intention for this project is as a central repository of information concerning the group effort to make the Apple iPod work under Linux. There are alot of individuals out there trying to get their ipod to work with linux, and other people who are just starting to work. Hopefully, the people who have done work on this can contribute to this site in order to help those who are new.

The site's summary page can be found at Sourceforge.net. There is code in the CVS tree to open and close the database, and I will try and publish documentation on the specs of the iTunesDB file, as well as other things. There is also a mailing list, so if you want to contribute, comment, or anything else, that is the best way.


  • iPod as a SCSI Disk

The iPod should be visible as a SCSI disk which means you will need to have the scsi_mod and sd_mod modules configured into the kernel. You should also configure the kernel to see MAC partitions.

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